Lesser-Known Secrets about Multani Mitti Powder and Its Uses

Multani Mitti is a fabled component in beauty treatment. Also known as Fuller’s earth, it comprises of several vital minerals such as montmorillonite, kaolinite, calcite, quartz. Today many cosmetic brands use the best Multani Mitti powder in hair and skin care products because of its excellence.


This clay is generally used for treating oil clogs on face and scalp. The clay, when used as a face pack, gives amazing benefits. Almost every girl uses fuller’s earth and rose water pack for skincare at home. Nevertheless, did you know- Multani m]Mitti is helped increase skin elasticity?

Read on to explore more interesting facts about this magical clay, to make the utmost use at home to maintain, flawless, radiant skin and lustrous hair.

Fuller’s Earth Helps to Lighten Dark Patches and Sunburns

Multani Mitti is extremely beneficial for lightening dark patches, pigmentation and skin tan, and sunburns. With the right combination of essential ingredients, it can provide effective results within a few weeks.

You can apply a bodypack made of pure coconut milk and best Multani Mitti powder (mixed in a ratio of 1tsp:1tbsp) on the affected area. Allow the paste to act on the area for ½ an hour. Now slowly wash with water while rubbing your skin in a circular motion.

Multani Mitti is Effective for Dandruff and Hair Fall Treatment

Several girls use henna, egg, and curd for dandruff treatment. If you are not getting the desired results, try using the best Multani Mitti powder twice a week as per the following procedure for best results.


  • 2tbsp fuller’s earth
  • 1tsp lemon juice
  • 2tbsp curd
  • 1tsp Fenugreek seeds


Soak the fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight the day before you want to apply the pack. The next morning, strain the water in a glass bowl.

Mix all other ingredients in a separate bowl. Now slowly add the water as required to form a smooth paste. Keep the remaining water aside (Spray this water on the scalp after washing the pack).

Apply the paste to the entire scalp and hair roots properly. Wait for 20 minutes and wash off the mask with normal water carefully.

This will reduce dandruff and even unclog the pores to allow new follicle growth. Hence, if you are also suffering from hair loss issues, this is an added advantage.

Caution: Do not apply the pack to the entire hair as it can make the strands dry. Never wash your hair with hot water as it can make your hair dry and brittle.

Is It Good to Use Fuller’s Earth on Dry Skin?

Almost all cosmetologists receive such queries from girls especially teenagers. There is much hype about the goodness of this clay so everyone is in a hurry to apply it. Surely, it is possible to treat dry skin with the best Multani Mitti powder as long as you know the right ingredients to blend with it to make a nourishing face pack. Try the following face pack twice every week to get wonderful results.


  • 2tbsp Multani Mitti powder
  • 1tbsp Honey
  • Raw Milk (as required to make a smooth paste)
  • Orange peel zests (if you want to lighten your skin tone)


Wash your face, neck area with a mild face wash, and pat dry. Mix all the ingredients to form a smooth moist paste. Apply the pack all over the face and neck evenly avoiding the under-eye areas. Leave the pack to dry for 15 minutes. Rinse properly to remove the entire pack and apply any regular moisturizer.

Try these ideas at home to cure skin and hair problems naturally to avoid costly and hazardous chemical treatment at the nearby salon.

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